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Aki's Lab equipment

So, in case anyone is ever interested in the equipment I've got in my lab. I figured I would put it in a centralized place that I can point people to.

It's broken into two sections, The currently owned stuff, and the stuff I really want.

Currently Owned

Everything in this list I currently own and use regularly.

Streaming Setup

Test / Inspection / Programming

Soldering / Assembly

Various Hand Tools

Preferred Consumables (Tape, Solder, Flux, etc.)

Heavily Used Software

This list is by no means comprehensive, I've forgotten to add things and won't unless reminded.


My current photography equipment

Current Setup

Here is an image of the current setup in case anyone was curious.

Aki's Workbench


The following list is things I really want, but can't justify or afford, but really want, a girl can dream, alright?

Accessories For Things I already have

Test / Measurement

Big Expensive Things

These things cost multiples of thousands of dollars, and are very heavy and big.