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Hi! I'm Aki, a Software Engineer

I deal mainly with low-level and systems programming on Unix and Unix-like platforms with a bit of embedded and HDL thrown in the mix. The tools of choice being chiefly C++, and Python for the majority of my work, but I also use C, Rust, and the assembly language of choice for the platform as well. In HDL land for FPGAs and the like I mainly use nmigen, but I can also handle Verilog if I must.

I also like to dabble with hardware design, one of my larger projects is lethallink, a PCIe based DMA platform for use in whole-system and stop-the-world debugging. I'm also looking into ASIC tapeout and hope to get on a skywater shuttle if those stick around.

On the side I tend to read a lot of manga and do some hardware and software reverse engineering for fun. The largest of my RE projects is Nox, a collection of FOSS tools to target the Agilent PCIe analyzers. I also keep a bit of a lab notebook/blog with various musings that you can check out, and my equipment list which I try to keep updated with my current lab setup.

If you wish to get in contact with me, you can do so via one of the sites below, CV is available upon request.