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I'm Aki, I'm a Software Engineer

Among many things, I enjoy doing low-level and systems development, mainly using C and C++ with bits of x86_64 assembly, some Rust, and a bit of Python thrown into the mix. As such, that's where my primary wealth of experience is.

I also dabble with electrical engineering as well, one example being lethalcard, an R&D / audit tool designed primarily with SmartCards (ISO/IEC 7816) in mind, however there are plans for various expansions to provide support for contact-less an magnetic stripe cards as well.

On the side I tend to read a lot of manga and do some hardware and software reverse engineering for fun. I also keep a bit of a lab notebook/blog with various musings that you can check out, and my equipment list which I try to keep updated with my current lab setup.

If you wish to get in contact with me, you can do so via one of the sites below, CV is available upon request.