Who Am I?

Me (Not Really)

Hi there, I'm Vijay, a 0x15-year (or so) old software engineer.

My main point of interest is low-level systems and related, things such as operating systems, compilers, and assemblers. However my breadth of knowledge covers things from web-development and server administration to lexical analysis and parts in-between.

I like to enjoy a strange range of hobbies such as IC and PCB design, piano, linguistics, malware and hardware reverse-engineering, and quite a lot of anime. Intertwined with that you can find a fair amount of projects that I enjoy working on, and all of which are open-source.

If you wish to get in contact with me, you can at one of the social links below, or if you are into email still, send one over to , or if you really enjoy old-school tech I'm on IRC over in ##XAMPP over on freenode.net. If you really want to you can snag a copy of my résumé or take a gander at its source.